3 December 2014

Risograph Workshop with Esther McManus

An excellent workshop with Esther McManus, looking at lots of great publications and making colourful risograph zines. The students chose two colours each to make 4 panel comics on their favourite films so we had a 'film night' on paper!

Getting into grips with our new riso printer...

30 November 2014

Rubber Stamps Workshop with Stephen Fowler

The MA students spent a day of designing and cutting rubber stamps as a great way of generating and visually testing quick ideas. Stephen shared his impressive collection of beautifully crafted stamps and handmade pamphlets and some great music selections. Some of his finds and updates here.

26 November 2014

Rosy Nicholas Workshop

It's the second year in a row that we've been running this incredibly fun workshop with illustrator, prop maker, animator and all round excellent designer Rosy NicholasThe workshop is part of the first year's introduction to professional practice and exploration of diverse illustration outlets. 
We always look forward to the catwalk bit in the end!

5 November 2014

Faye Moorhouse - NY Times

UCA Illustration graduate Faye Moorhouse illustration for the New York Times. Great image!
Read the article here.

26 October 2014

UCA Illustration Open Days

Book your visit to the UCA Illustration Open Days!


UCA Illustration Publication 2014

This year's Illustration Publication is now live on ISSUU. Check it out here!
For hard copies of the publication come and say hi during the Open days.

8 October 2014

Exchange in Ghent - Mitko Karakolev

Check out one of the current 3rd years' blog about some of his work and experiences in Ghent as an exchange student! It's great! Mitko decided to spend a semester in Ghent, after having been in Belgium earlier on as part of a collaborative project between UCA illustration and a number of european institutions. It's always really interesting for students to share their experiences!


24 September 2014

Visiting Lecturer - Harriet Russell

The new term has just started and the course already enjoyed the first visiting lecturer, the excellent Harriet Russell! Harriet's talk covered important areas such as diverse illustration outlets and professional practice with clients, but also more personal quirky details such as origins of ideas and influences.

7 July 2014

Creative review picks 2014

Creative review has picked three pieces of work at the New Designers graduate show as some of the favourite of 2014.
Well done to Melissa Sinclair, Roshny Patel and Emily Richards!


Absolut at New Designers Winner - Matthew Alker

Congratulations to Matthew Alker, who has just graduated, for winning the Absolut@New Designers competition. An exciting, playful entry!


Year 3 Illustration Show 2014

Well done to all 3rd year students for a very successful show at Free Range this year. Some real highlights in the books section with a range of whimsical, humorous, contemplative and poetic narratives. There's been 3d work, as well as illustrated textiles, animation, reportage and some really fun illustrated products. A great end to a very rewarding year!

4 June 2014

V&A Illustration awards- Shortlisted entry Melissa Sinclair

Very well done to our third year student Melissa Sinclair for her shortlisted entry at this year's V&A Illustration awards! Melissa's entry was one of the three shortlisted student entries and her book 'Lars and the Real Girl' was based on the film with the same name as well as "research into real life examples of people who have emotional relationships with 'Real Dolls'." 
Some of the judges comments: "Melissa's depiction of a relationship that exists outside the norm is poignant and, at times, darkly humorous. Closely observed body language makes way for unsettling compositions and her sensitive use of watercolour seems appropriate in depicting the fragility of the mental state of the main characters."
All winning and shortlisted entries are available to see here

28 May 2014

A Slow Commute 2014

photo by Thijs (Sint-Lucas, Gent)

drawings by Peth Peters (UCA Illustration, Farnham)

The spring term saw the second installation of The Slow Commute. The idea for the project began as a conversation between U.C.A Illustration and Belgian Institute St-Lucas Beeldende Kunst, Gent about the mutual concern with reportage illustration, the process of travel and the role of the illustrator as interpreter and documenter. The idea grew into an international student exchange incorporating Burg Giebichstein, Halle (D), VSUP, Prague (CZ), Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw (PL). The project would most importantly bring together students from varied and diverse cultural backgrounds who would be joined in kinships through the sharing of experiences and ideas about illustration and the potential of the medium.

This year the Slow Commute was hosted by the Burg Giebichenstein university of Art and Design. Beginning their journey at the former Berlin wall crossing Checkpoint Charlie the students spent 10 days journeying from Berlin South West to Halle.

'Origins' Year 2 Show

A student-led group exhibition marks the end of year 2 and the culmination of months of planning and working on a wide range of self-initiated projects. 
This year ‘Origins’ was the chosen exhibition theme and the selected venue was the Farnham Scout Hut.  The students responded with very diverse and individual projects, which included short narratives, pop-up books, printmaking, oversized wooden coins and stories about beards among others! 

The 2nd year exhibition takes place in venues outside of the college environment, which allows for imaginative curation and gives students the chance to think about their work as part of a group show. The process is exciting, often challenging and it offers valuable experience in many different areas, from designing and curating to promoting and fundraising. Above all it is a real opportunity for the students to ‘test the water’ prior to the Final Show in year 3 and aim for even more successes!

15 May 2014

Penguin Design Awards Shortlisted entry

Some fantastic news from 3rd year student Libby Parra, who's been shortlisted for the Penguin Design Awards! Libby responded to The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton for the Puffin Children's prize. Very well done! Here is the first draft.

29 April 2014

AOI Awards - Shortlisted graduate

Last year's illustration graduate Abbey Massey has been shortlisted for the AOI new talent awards. Well done Abbey! The selected artwork is an illustrated map of Maidstone, with humorous observations of local characters. check out Abbey Massey's website here.

24 April 2014

Year 3 shortlisted entry

Well done to current year 3 student Becky Goosey, whose work was shortlisted and exhibited as part of the Richard Watts Art competition. Becky's paper cuts showed a lesser known view of Chatham.

Extract from 1st page of article in WOW magazine October 2013 by David Gutteridge
"CHATHAM INTRA is a near-forgotten riverside area with a fascinating past.
Lately, the area has undergone something of a re-invention: Chatham Intra is home to a growing community of artists and creative businesses and the theme of a brand new art competition.

DAVID GUTTERIDGE gives us an insight into the area’s rich history.
In the 1830s Rochester formally absorbed a community known as Chatham Intra. It was immediately east of the end of St Margaret's Banks (roughly where the railway bridge crosses Rochester High Street) and as far as the old Chapel of St Bartholomew.
The Norman architect-bishop Gundulph had established it as a place of refuge, first for the lepers in 1077 and later the Jews no longer allowed to live within the city walls settled beside the leper hospital's hedge. In those days Chatham was a hamlet north of the Brook (the Bourne River), and the old Roman Road skirted around the bottom of the meander as it approached Rochester's east gate. The lepers were brought to the Hospital by boat and landed at a jetty almost where Ship Pier is now and they had a special place to cross The King's Highway into their enclosure. The site of the Sir John Hawkins Almshouses opposite the Chapel was where the monks caught fish in kettle nets for the lepers. And so things were from 1078 to 1541, when the leper hospital lost its income from St Andrew's priory beside the cathedral in the dissolution of the monasteries.

By 1585 John Hawkins, the Treasurer and then Controller of the Royal Navy, owned much of the land between Foundry Wharf and Medway Street, between the main road and the water. So it became the place where warehouses were built to hold supplies for the navy's ships. By the 17th and 18th century the Victualling Office and the limehouse were staffed by large numbers of people. Produce came down the Medway by barge, into warehouses and then supplies were rowed to ships at anchor in Chatham Reach. Eventually Naval Stores moved into the rebuilt and extended Georgian Dockyard. By then the waterfront of Chatham Intra was busy with light industries, wharfing, a brewery, chandlers, and ship repairs.

Wander down into Foundry Wharf, Cooks Wharf, Ship Lane, Hulkes Lane and Boundary Wharf to see the variety of old and new buildings. Venture through the latched gate beside the synagogue and tread the old leper-path into the burial ground to get a view of the “white castle” which was built as a folly at the end of the ornamental garden opposite 351 High Street and which has served as brewery water tower and hospital mortuary. Go into Bingley Road to see the little St Bartholomew's Terrace cottages facing unusual back entrances to High Street buildings or climb up to New Road, pass the 1863 hospital, and watch the roofscapes hide themselves as you walk down the winding Gundulph Road back to the High Street.

Our river bank is now mainly silted up with decaying broken dinghies and small craft beside rusting metal barges, but see - there is a small community living on the boats and tugs here. Try the waterfront path behind the Anchorage House tax office for a vantage point, or the riverside walk behind the UCA flats at Doust Way. The occasional appearances now of the Edith May sailing barge remind us how the Medway once was thronged by trading vessels under those distinctive maroon sails."

23 April 2014

Visiting lecturer: Mr. Bingo

Mr. Bingo, best known for his 'Hate Mail', a collection of insulting postcards, recently gave a very entertaining presentation to the 3rd year illustration students in Maidstone - where he was also a foundation student himself.  His talk followed his career as an illustrator from graduation onwards and included a pretty comprehensive list of do's and don't tips!

Turn the Page artist's book fair

Turn the page is an inspiring bookfair focusing on the structural and conceptual properties of the book form. The fair is taking place in Norwich on the 2nd and 3rd of May, with an exciting list of individuals and collectives showing and selling work. Among the exhibitors is the illustration course leader Jane Craddock-Watson. 
An event worth attending! http://turnthepage.org.uk

Image by Jane Craddock-Watson