7 July 2014

Creative review picks 2014

Creative review has picked three pieces of work at the New Designers graduate show as some of the favourite of 2014.
Well done to Melissa Sinclair, Roshny Patel and Emily Richards!


Absolut at New Designers Winner - Matthew Alker

Congratulations to Matthew Alker, who has just graduated, for winning the Absolut@New Designers competition. An exciting, playful entry!


Year 3 Illustration Show 2014

Well done to all 3rd year students for a very successful show at Free Range this year. Some real highlights in the books section with a range of whimsical, humorous, contemplative and poetic narratives. There's been 3d work, as well as illustrated textiles, animation, reportage and some really fun illustrated products. A great end to a very rewarding year!